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1000pcs/h Automatic Poultry Sla 3000pcs/h Automatic Poultry Sla

1000 bph Chicken Processing Line

  • MOQ:1 Set
  • Certification: CE
  • Supply Ability: 200 Sets Per Month
  • Warranty Time: 12 Months
  • LOADING PORT: Shanghai/Qingdao
  • Country Of Origin: China


The chicken slaughter line is used for processing the chicken, also butchering other poultry.

Main Feature

High rate efficiency,electricity save and easy maintenance easy operation.


Chicken Processing Line Includes Hanging--Scalding--Plucking--Evisceration--Carcass Cleaning--Screw Chilling-Water Dripping-Finished 

01.Slaughter and evisceration conveyor
“T” track: Specification:50*55mm
Thickness of stainless steel 202 with thickness of δ:4mm  
Nylon hanging scaffold
Stainless steel bearing ball rolling wheel, diameter: 50mm
Galvanized manganese steel chain with diameter: 8mm*t24
Stainless steel traction chain, diameter: 3mm.
Pitch: 6 inches

02 main drive and take-up device

Carbon-steel frame 
Motor and speed reducer are binded together.
Driven by one motor, with power 1.5 kw

03  blood receiving trough


04  Spray Gas Drum Model Immersion Scalding Machine
Model: LG-3500
Encolsed with a cover
Stainless steel made  
Imersing & scalding length valid: 8 m
Automatic control of temperature and water supply.
External demension: 4500×700×2100mm(L×W×H)

05“A” shaped plucker  
Each box can be adjusted up and down,                                                                                                                                                 
forward and backward 
Diameter of the nylon tray: 170mm, 
12 pieces of plucking finger for each tray.
Spesification of the stainless square steel pipe : 80*80*2mm
Motors each with power of 2.2KW 

4 Stainless steel defeathering boxes,12 nylon plucking trays for each box
External demension: 3250*1900*2400 mm
06Automatic Head Puller

06. Automatic Head Puller

07Model: GGTJ-2
Stainless steel made body with thickness of 3mm
Stainlesss steel 304 made fixed foundation with thickness of 4mm
External dimensions: 1500*800*1500mm

08viscera slide through
External dimensions: 7000*800*800mm

08 shackle washer   
Model: GGQ-2                     
Double-roller hairbrush brush against each other
Power: 0. 75kw
Diameter of the stainless steel water pipe: 6”
09  Frequency Conversion Control Box   
Used for the control of conveying line for slaughtering, 
stunning, scalding, plucking, and shackle washing.
External dementions:  780×400×1800mm(L×W×H)    
Automatic feet cutter
Stainless steel made 
Rotating knife 
Adjustable height
automatic feet unloader
40*40*2mm stainless steel square pipe conneting 
Demountable Ø14mm stainless steel pipe 
External dimensions: 1000(L)×400(W)×800(H)mm 
carcass Cleaning Machine
Model: GGX-2
Stainless steel made spraying pipe with diameter32mm
External dimensions:700×600×1200 mm(L×W×H)
screw chiller
Pre-cooling time: 30~40min
The whole set is made of diamond plate
Stainless steel spiral propeller, stepless timing drive
Driven by Vortex turbine with power: 1.1kw
High-pressure swirl wind machine, power: 4kw
External dimensions: 6000*1900*2500mm(L*W*H)

14.Control cabinet for screw chiller
15Carcass receiveing and water dripping machine
stainless steel made with thickness of 1.5mm
external dimensions: 2000*800*600mm
16 worktable
Stainless steel made with thickness of 1.5mm
External dimensions: 1900(L)*900(W)*800(H) mm 
17  Evisceration tools
Suitable for manual evisceration of poultry
One for chicken intestine
One for chicken lung
One for chicken craw



Technical Data

No. Name Model Unit Quantity
01 Slaughter and evisceration conveyor LGXS152-15 M 90
02 main drive and take-up device LGZJ-1 set 1
03 Blood Receiving Through 5500*1400*800 set 1
04 Spray Gas Drum Model Immersion Scalding Machine LG3500 set 1
05 A shaped Plucker Machine 3250*1900*2400 set 1
06 Automatic Head Puller LGTJ-2 set 1
07 Viscera slide trough 7000*800*800 set 1
08 Shackle washer LGQ-2 set 1
09 Frequency Conversion Control Box   set 1
10 Automatic Feet Cutter   set 1
11 Automatic Feet Unloader 1000*400*800 set 1
12 Carcass Cleaning Machine LGX-2 set 1
13 Screw Chiller Machine 6000 set 1
14 Control cabinet for screw chiller   set 1
15 Carcass receiving and water dripping tank 2000*800*600 set 1
16 Worktable(optional) 1900*900*800 set 10
17 Evisceration Tool     8


1. What is the voltage/phase for this machine?
-- We normally make voltage into 220V/50HZ/Single phase or 380V/50HZ/Three Phase. But it can be made according to clients' demand, like 110V/60HZ/Three phase and so on.
2. What kind of packing box is?
-- We pack machines in a standard exporting plywood case, no vermin, germs.It can help get better protection while transporting.
3. How long is the guarantee?
-- We promise guarantee as half of one year for non-human damage factor.
4. How should I do if meet some trouble while using?
-- Don't worry about that. We are always be pleased to provide using support to clients. We can take a video for showing how to resolve the problem, and write detail resolution to you.
5. What's the payment mode?
-- T/T, L/C, Western Union or Money Gram.


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