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1000pcs/h Automatic Poultry Sla 3000pcs/h Automatic Poultry Sla

1500pcs/h Automatic Poultry Slaughtering Production Line

  • MOQ:1 Set
  • Certification: CE
  • Supply Ability: 100 Sets Per Month
  • Warranty Time: 12 Months
  • LOADING PORT: Shanghai/Qingdao
  • Country Of Origin: China


Good quality and high rate efficiency,electricity save and easy maintenance easy operation so on.

Main Feature

Not only can process the general poultry, such as chicken, duck and goose,also can process the birds animal, such as the quail.


Our company is suitable for large and medium-sized, small poultry slaughter equipment, the biggest can reach each 80000 pre day. Even bigger.
Full slaughter machine line for big and small slaughterhouse and meat company .
With the features of good quality and high rate efficiency,electricity save and easy maintenance easy operation so on , it is suitable for plants supplying whole carcasses.
full slaughter line from chicken killing and scalding ,Plucker spiral cooler,
carcass cutting and organs processing.
The 1500 pieces/h poultry slaughtering production line not only can process the general poultry, such as chicken, duck and goose,also can process the birds animal, such as the quail.
There have the automatic production line and the semi-automatic production line.
The semi-automatic production line include Scalding pot,Small plucker,Control panel,Bloodletting table and Eviscerating table. it is specially for small slaughtering factory.
The automatic production line generally include the Slaughter line,Main transmission tensioning device,Electrical control tank,Groove for Blood,Scalding machine and Defeatherer Machine. Of course, we also can match the more advanced production line.
The generally working process is slaughtering--bloodletting--scald--defeatherer--eviscerate, then the poultry is processed well.
For the semi-automatic model,there need to slaughter by manual, but the automatic model, you can slaughter the poultry when it is convey.
The machine in the semi-automatic production is separated, but the machine in the automatic production line is installed in a frame, then the worker can work in the small frame.

The machines all are made of stainless steel. Won't be rusted when touch the water.
We also have other capacity, such as the 300pieces/h,500pieces/h,700pieces/h, 1500pcs/h, 2000pieces/h,3000piceces/h, 4000pcs/h, even more.
Anyhow the capacity can customize.
Of course,you can only buy some machine of the total production line. Because the production line according to your final product. For example, some customer demand to cut the poultry head and feet, the he need the poultry cutting machine and so on.
Structure characteristics
1. This machine is used to scald and pluck.
2. Water temperature and water level are controlled manually, but automatic control device can be made under custom request.
3. the stirring type tumbling dip-scalding is used and the plucking time can be controlled freely to obtain a perfect effect both in feather scalding and plucking.
4. It provides such virtues as stable and reliable operation, low trouble rate, and convenient operation &maintenance.

Technical Data

No. Description Model Unit Quan
Slaughter and evisceration system
01 Conveying line  LGXS152-15 m 103
02 Main drive and tensioning device LGDZJ-13 set 1
03 Blood receiving trough 5500*1400*800 set 1
04 steam-blowing Type Immersing & scalding machine 4500 set 1
05 “A” shaped plucker 4*12 set 1
06 Shackle washer LGQX-2 set 1
07 Controlling cabinet LGKG-1 set 1
08 Automatic feet cutter 180 set 1
09 Automatic feet unloader 1000*400*800 set 1
10 Automatic head puller LGTJ-2 set 1
11 Viscera slide trough 8000*800*800 set 1
12 Carcass cleaning machine LGQX-2 set 1
13 Screw chiller 6000 set 1
14 Control cabinet for screw chiller   set 1
15 Carcass receving tank 2000*800*600/900 set 1
16 Worktable 1900*900*800 Pcs 12
17 Evisceiation tools     10


Q:Do you have stock?
A:yes,we have, if you have other detail requirement, we can customized for you. 
Q:What about the delivery time?
A:We often do not have machines in stock.You know it is a product line and we often produce the machines according to different requirements.So you can confirm to us the time you will place order,then we will calculate the shipping time for you.
Q:Can i visit your factory?
A:Yes,welcome to china and visit our factory!When you plan to come to china,you can let us know your arrangement one week in advance,then we can do the preparation for you!


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