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How do roast chicken
Chicken recipes belonging to the United States, the main raw chicken, taste: sweet, craft: baking, cooking difficulty are intermediate. Chicken meat tender, delicious taste, suitable for a variety of cooking methods, and full of self-cultivation tonic effect. Grilled chicken as raw material, oven baked. Producers can produce a variety of spices to add different flavors of chicken according to their own tastes. But more greasy chicken, eat in moderation.
(A) process
Choice of materials and shaping → → slaughter marinated grilled → → → finished coloring
(B) materials
Broiler 100 (weighing about 150 ~ 180kg), salt 9kg, star anise 20g, cumin 20g, grass and fruit 30g, Amomum 15g, cardamom 15g, cloves 3g, cinnamon 90g, galangal 90g, tangerine peel 30g, Angelica 30g, maltose right amount .
(C) processing
1. The choice of materials selected within 8 weeks old, plump, muscular, live weight of about 1.5 ~ 1.8kg, healthy chickens as raw materials.
2. Slaughter and neck shaping using exsanguination, 60 ℃ ~ 65 ℃ hot water scalding, rinse hair after faded, belly cut open eviscerated, chopping off chicken feet, two wings to the back by the natural anti-buckling do.
3. pickled wet salting. Wet marinade preparation method is: the spices with gauze wrapped into the pot, add water 90kg, and add salt, boil 20 ~ 30min, cooled to room temperature. Wet marinade can be repeatedly used, but before use to add some accessories. Add the chicken by only wet marinade, top with heavy objects, make chicken submerged beneath the surface, the time is 3 ~ 12h, low temperature longer time, otherwise short, remove and drain water after marinated .
4. color with an iron hook to hang the chicken body, only by immersion in boiling water maltose (sugar water with a ratio of 6 to 8:1), a scalding around 30s, hang to dry moisture removal. But also in the body cavity of chicken filled with ginger 2 to 3, water, 2 mushroom, and then baked into the furnace.
5. Grilling now more far-infrared oven baked constant oven temperature to 160 ℃ ~ 180 ℃, bake for about 45min. Finally, after heating to 220 ℃ bake 5 ~ 10min. Baked chicken is finished when the surface appear before maroon.
(Iv) quality standard finished appearance uniform color was maroon or yellow-red, shiny, chicken body intact, tight muscle section, the pressure of no blood, fresh meat, rich flavor.

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