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Equipment for Freezing Seafood
As we all know, in order to prolong the seafood storage time, businessmen usually use the professional quick freezing machine for prolong seafood’s fresh. These frozen seafood will sold to any countries, thus, this frozen technology bring huge contribution to these place where lack of seafood. Here will give some information about the professional seadfood machine.
Application of the seafood freezing machine:  
This freezing machine is suitable for the different seafood, meat, wheat, fried food, and even the ice cream processing freezing working.  
seafood  seafood freezing machine
1. Machine’s conveyor is made of stainless steel, more reasonable, more compact and save more energy.
2. Multi-layer design, it can frozee 300 kg per hour. Suitable for the middle and small seafood frozen and processing factory.
3. Desgined with thick steel material, no cracked phenomenon during frozeezing.
4. Functional diversity, suitable for the meat, vegetable, and other materials.
5. Material imports adopts the dual-channel low temperature, anti-aging, oil-resistant material, it has the better sealing effect. The whole frozeeing time can adjust from 10 minutes to 60 minutes. 

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