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Chicken Feather Plucker Machine for Sale
Application and precautions of the poultry feather removing machine
This machine changing the old poultry feather method by hands, removing feather with machine can improve the efficiency highly.
poultry feather removing machine for sale  
The poultry feather machine can not only remove poultry, but also can peel the potatoes, fishes, with high quality and advantages. Wildly used for processing bird, chicken, duck, geese, pigeon, quail, etc in poultry factory. It can clean the poultry and poultry feets very cleaning. One quipment can replace nearly10 people workingload. Each minute can process about 3 to 5 poultry, and save electricity highly.
1. Before using this machine, checking the whether there are some nuts is loosing, turning the chassis, checking whether the machine is flexible.
2. Setting one knife switch or pull switch beside the machine, putting the poultry into the warm water, putting some salt will more better for removing feather.
3. Each time can put 1 to 5 poultry into feather removing machine. One minute can finish feather processing works.  

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