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Method of Saving Water During Poultry Processing
Facing the food demand problem and water shortage problem, people may always think about the poultry industry, because this processing may need a lot of water to clean the poultry. Saveing water because the most important thing.  
Due to the high productivity, the poultry industry is becoming the number one supplier of sustainable animal protein, including the supply of poultry meat and poultry eat. However, there are some industries is still with low efficiency. Water processing problem is one big problem for them. There are some problem should be pay more attention to duck slaughtering machine
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At the beginning of the poultry processing chain, water is used to wash the poultry body and disinfect the poultry body with some of the corresponding disinfecting products. During these processes, any production equipment should ensure that there is enough sufficient water, but should not waste water.
Equipment for carcass rinsing may be installed in the ironing, plucking and digging areas of the processing plant, which may be used with a simple traditional household nozzle. The problem with this equipment is that it consumes a lot of potable water and is expensive.
This type of nozzle can also be seen in the process of digging. This process may need a lot of water.
Leakage of pipes and hoses:
In some biosafety areas, the equipment used to clean hands and boots, which may also need a lot of water. That may lead water waste.
 Operational factors:
In some processing plants, when the daily production schedule starts, hang conveyor, ironing machine, extractor, flushing equipment, including the boring equipment will be directly into the production line, into the working state. But it takes eight minutes to transport the poultry to the cleaning area. So that the beginning of these devices into the working state, it will lead to a lot of water a day is wasted.
Another problem is that there may appear the overflow situation. When the blower starting to work and the water is agitated, the overflow also will occur. This means that when you enter the hot drinking machine, if each chicken in accordance needs of 1 liter of water, the chicken should be soaked in the necessary depth, it still need more water. 
In the processing plant, if there is no good maintenance of the head part of machine, the machine also may waste water.  
How to reduce water waste of poultry:
1>. A well-functioning factory to reduce the waste of water, all the work should be carried out quickly, such as well organized, the timely maintenance of the hose, etc. Through the air compressor adjustment to control the flow, reduce water waste, so that the slaughter of the total water consumption of each chicken as much as possible.

2>. The cleaning process should be carried out using a flute nozzle, especially during the operation of the cut anus, removing the internal poultry Internal organs. Installating of water flow control system to control the cleaning water. It can reduce the water greatly. 

3>. By reclaiming waste water, fresh water is only used to achieve the rinse work. 

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